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Western Europe

An unforgettable cruise through West Europe allows you to explore the historic cities of southern Europe and the breathtaking French coast of Brittany.

Europe is a continent which subsists on its history. Humanity has left its mark as far back as ancient times. The trade posts significant at that time developed into today's modern metropolises which preserve and pride themselves on their history. Enjoy a journey through the diverse cultures of Western Europe. From Portugal via northern Spain, France and Belgium. Savour each country's culinary specialities as you spend your days relaxing at sea on an MS Berlin cruise through West Europe, all at a reasonable price.

A cruise through West Europe - diverse scenery and destinations

Feel the wonderful Atlantic sea breeze on your skin on a cruise with FTI Cruises through West Europe. Whereas in the South the climate is Mediterranean, it is recommended that you pack some warmer clothing for northern France. The coastal stretches are made up of diverse scenery with their rocky shores and sandy beaches. The hinterland rejoices in its rolling hills. The most significant sights of the cities at which we stop can easily be reached by public transport. You will almost certainly be infected by the southern joie de vivre in Portugal and Spain with its outdoor cafés. In France, enjoy culinary specialities which, in the coastal towns, are characterised by regionally prepared fish.

The unique character of the old Europe

Lisbon, Portugal's capital city, is characterised by narrow alleyways and magnificent buildings. In the city of sailors you can visit the sailors' memorial and marvel at the imposing structures in the Belém quarter. Porto, Lisbon's younger brother, is a real postcard town with its many churches and houses with their colourful façades. Explore the churches and museums of the Spain's North-West coast in La Coruña: The fishing harbour town impresses with its many squares and historical structures and the oldest church in the world. Bordeaux has all the flair of a university town and has been designated a World Heritage Site. Along the wonderful gentle rocky coasts of Brittany, Brest stands out as a city brimming with culture.

A journey of discovery aboard ship

Take an 11 day cruise through West Europe aboard the MS Berlin at a reasonable price. A flight to Lisbon is the first step to embarking on your cruise. After you have thoroughly explored the city comes a trip to the pilgrimage town of Fátima where you will find one of the most significant Roman-Catholic churches in Portugal. You then continue on to Porto where a guided tour of the city awaits you. You will certainly be impressed by the next pilgrimage town as you step ashore in La Coruña: Santiago de Compostela, the Way of St. James pilgrimage site is situated nearby. We then continue on to Bordeaux via Bilbao. Enjoy the vineyards in the surrounding areas and round off your day here with another sightseeing tour of the city. In La Rochelle and on Ile de Ré marvel at the medieval half-timbered houses, old docks and the fortresses built on the beach. In Brittany, visit the enchanting Château de Goulaine and the city of Brest, steeped in history. Afterwards FTI Cruises couples a sightseeing tour of Cherbourg with an excursion to Cap de la Hague. The cruise through West Europe ends in Zeebrugge. From here you can either fly or take a bus to return to your familiar surroundings.