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A Mediterranean cruise - a healthy dose of relaxation, adventure and sun

Take a Mediterranean cruise and visit the historic sites of advanced civilizations whilst unwinding during the journey.

The Mediterranean lies between Europe and Africa, further to the East it borders parts of the Near East. This corridor between the three continents has contributed towards the development of advanced civilizations such as the ancient Greeks and the Roman Empire. Many of their sites still remain today. Discover the Mediterranean with FTI Cruises on a Mediterranean cruise. Selected routes covering the world's oceans to the east and west open up gateways to new horizons and allow you to relax as you spend a few days at sea.


A Mediterranean cruise - joie de vivre in the open air

Feel the warm Mediterranean wind, characterised by mild temperatures and plentiful sunshine, on your face on a Mediterranean cruise. The landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea impress with their hilly to mountainous terrains. The green of the northern Mediterranean olive groves and the palm-tree fringed bays of the southern Mediterranean provide for that holiday feeling. The feeling is intensified by the buoyant culture in the port cities where life is lived on the streets. The mild climate turns the street cafés and restaurants into an oasis of relaxation in the open air. The culinary variation, from fish dishes and spaghetti in Italy or lamb specialities in the Eastern Mediterranean delight your palate.

Sun, sea and adventure

A Mediterranean cruise could start in the French port city of Nice. Here you can wander around the preserved nineteenth century villas and palaces. To experience genuine southern Italian flair, take a trip to Sicily. Marvel at streets filled with mopeds and historic buildings from a bygone era when Arabs ruled the island. You will also discover beautiful coastal stretches among the Greek islands. Experience the sea whilst sunbathing with a cocktail in your hand. Taste culinary delights such as freshly caught fish whilst wandering through the little fishing villages.

Follow historical trails with FTI Cruises

The Mediterranean cruise options also take you to Croatia. A journey to the Balkans reveals the picturesque Korčula. Situated on a peninsula and surrounded by clear turquoise water is the historical centre with its alleyways inviting you to linger in one of the street cafés. The historical town of Dubrovnik which has been designated a World Heritage Site can be visited by way of a sightseeing tour. Particularly fascinating is the 2Km long city wall which has been so well preserved that its entire length can be walked along. Italy is just short trip over the Adriatic Sea from Croatia. A popular starting point for Mediterranean cruises is Venice. Besides the waterways, the ancient trading city of Venice with its countless bridges and historical buildings is one of the pearls of Italy. It is hard to refuse a visit to the Vatican City as part of an excursion into the Roman interior.  The largest church in the world is one of the most popular sightseeing destinations in Rome. A real highlight is spending a few days exploring the Greek islands. Santorini with the Ia artists' village and Mykonos both offer fabulous photo opportunities. A visit to the Island of Syros guides you to classical stately buildings and introduces you to the medieval history of Greece.