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The Berlin -  A ship for lovers and connoisseurs

The Berlin is a small classic cruise ship - on board personal German speaking service awaits you. Enjoy the elegant maritime style of the Berlin and relax and feel at home while delighting in familiar customs at sea.


The perfect cruise - with our on-board service

All the crew are eager to make your stay aboard the MS Berlin as perfect as possible. From the chefs who will prepare you a hearty breakfast or appetising menus, to the service staff who are ready to offer help whenever needed, to our cabin service, travel guide, hotel manager and cruise director.


The perfect cruise - with a variety of land excursions

We carefully plan the range of land excursions in advance in order to ensure that there is something for each of our guests. We also take care to offer activities of different durations and demands. We hope in this to cater to culture-fans as well as nature-lovers. Take a look here at our land excursion programme. Our travel guides are also on board ready to offer help during the cruise.


The perfect cruise - a social event for cruise-lovers

The success of a perfect cruise is not solely dependent on the range of activities. A cruise is not the type of holiday to come on to be alone but more of a sociable voyage. Cruise-lovers, whether on a sea crossing for the first time or seasoned guests, are together for the duration of the voyage - they meet at the table or the ship's rail, they might even participate in the same excursion. But that is just what makes the perfect cruise: you meet new people, strike up conversations, exchange stories and become friends. Friendly encounters and interesting stories are the things which remain in the memory longest.