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Life on Board the Berlin

is all about relaxation and enjoyment

Create your vacation day exactly the way you want to - no pressure - it's all about you! 
The outside decks provide plenty of seating and lounge chairs for your relaxation.  Read a good book from our extensive library, indulge and enjoy a cool drink at the pool or at one of the bars, take a nap while listening to the soothing sounds of the waves... Pure Relaxation!


The advantages of a sea voyage - relaxing and peaceful days and nights on board the MS Berlin

A sea voyage offers you the freedom to spend your days at sea at your whim. The MS Berlin, as a smaller cruise ship, is also particularly suited to offering a revitalizing experience. There are sufficient seating and reclining areas on the MS Berlin's outer deck where you can lie back and relax with a good book from our extensive on-board library. Those guests who would rather spend their days in a more active or social setting can take part in the leisure programme or watch the MS Berlin Show Ensemble programme of an evening.


More advantages of a sea voyage - with the FTI Cruises Club

You can gain additional personal advantages from a sea voyage by becoming a member of the FTI Cruises Club.  Each night you spend on the MS Berlin will award on-board credit points allowing you to benefit from reductions on your next cruise on the FTI Cruises MS Berlin.