The Berlin. For lovers and connoisseurs

The Berlin is a small classic cruise ship – German speaking personal service awaits you on board. For the 412 passengers on board the Berlin, there are many unchartered destinations to discover off the beaten path, because the Berlin can also stop at small, out-of-the-way ports due to its size and maneuverability.

Visit places that are off the beaten path of well-traveled cruise ship routes.  Gather authentic experiences; discover paradise-like countrysides, revel in untouched nature and enjoy fascinating animal life and exciting cultures.
Pack your bags, move into your swimming hotel and cruise the western and eastern Mediterranean, the stunningly beautiful Scandinavian coast and Red Sea with us.  Enjoy the elegant maritime style of the Berlin and relax and feel at home while delighting in familiar customs at sea.

Come and see for yourself and let us greet you as our guest on the Berlin.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!